Ndumi Matiwane, Model for “SCRAPS Tree:”
**Well my name is Ndumi and I work for the Cape Town Fashion Council. Im a fashion and music lover and soon to be baby mama.It was a very strange co-incidence that when i was dressed up for oak couture my dress and tree were kind of childrens fantasy.I had childrens toys and things in my hair and all around me and i had just found out i was going to be a baby mama.It was lots of fun ūüôā

Gene Kierman, Musician & Tree Dresser for “Lime Green Tree”:

**”My name is Gene Kierman, my bands name is Miss Texas 1977, I am a musician, an artist, a teacher, a builder and also an occasional tree dresser !
I really enjoy problem solving and designing stuff so dressing a gigantic oak tree with funny plastic material was really fun !

Marize Malan, Fashion Designer for “Red Tree”:
**A) my name is marize malan 26 and im a fashion designer based in cape town
B)i was involved in the oak couture project via kelly, i met her at doreen southwoods shop in longstreet mememe, where kelly asked me if i wouldbe interested in a charity group event connecting fellow creatives in cape town and the surrrounding areas.  this was a awesome experience, i met many amazing people and my team and i got along like a house on fire, from the brainstorm session the night before the event right through to the implementation we worked well as a team.

we all learnt that everyone felt intimadated to meet their team mates till they started talking to each other and realised there is nothing to be sceard of only new friends to be made! great!

Moira Meyer, Fashion Designer for “Stripes Tree”:
**My name is Moira, my friends call me Moi(which means beautiful in Afrikaans!). I am a Costume Designer that lives in Cape Town. Dressing the model to compliment the Tree in Oak Couture was so much fun that I jump on my bed once a month just to remind myself of that day.
=Moira Meyer, Designer of all things magical and bed jumper

Claire Homewood, Tree Dresser & Fashion Designer for “Red Tree”:
**3 women sat one Friday afternoon, never having met before. They drank whiskey, talked about creative process and thought of red lines tied to branches – caution, yield, we are at the point of interception. Transittree. Creative context sparked exploration and image. My name is Claire.
– Claire Homewood, 28, Artist, Film maker

Talia Barak, Make-Up Artist for “Red Tree”:

**My name is Talia Barak, and i am an artist. A makeup and special effects artist, cook, gardener, DIY-er, creative. It was beautiful and inspiring to be part of such a fun project with many powerful, gorgeous and talented women, and men.

Caitlyn Collins, Fashion Designer for SCRAPS Tree:
**I am Caitlyn Collins,

I am a children’s fashion designer, I ‘upcycle’ using off cuts, vintage cloth and second hand clothing. I am inspired by children’s play, nature and finding sustainable ways to live on our beautiful planet.

At OAK COUTURE, I used the concept of scraps to create the dress that i molded onto my model. The tree and the model mirror imaged each other with brights and dulls.

Annette (Keet) Van Staden, Hair & Make-up Artist for the “Stripes tree”:

**Doing make-up and hair on a model to compliment the dressing of a tree to finally make a statement was certainly a challenging concept.¬† I had imagined quite a few looks but when I saw the tree,¬† as well as my very good friend, the costume designer, Moira Meyer, I (like always!) allowed my creative mind to follow the natural flow of my canvas, in this case a beautiful African model whose height seemed to equal that of the tree…

Adam Casey, Architect from Makeka Design Lab, & “Tree Dresser”, White Tree:
**AC is my name…I am an scientific architect who works in a laboratory.  At the moment Cape Town is my experiment and Makeka Design Lab is my research facility.  We fetish a spatial praxis within an urban interface.  Dressing the Oak Tree was a fixation that offered exploration.

+Adam Lee Casey, 26, Architect, Designer, Spatial technician

Marc Nicolson, Industrial Designer & “Tree Dresser” for SCRAPS tree:
**Hi I am Marc Nicolson, Designer with a focus on Product Design.¬† I dressed the “Scraps” tree. Using only offcuts and old clothing, I worked with clothing designer Caitlyn Collins. The tree was dressed with bright colours on one side, and darker blacks, greys and browns on the otherside, perfectly split down the middle. The collaboration was much fun, and the beautiful model was dressed with the colours swopped to be opposite to those of the tree. It was great to spend almost an entire day in a tree, and a highlight was hanging toys from branches to finish it all off.

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