Alrighty – our shoots are wrapping up.

We have 5 left.

As I look back on the 20+ we’ve already done, I am So Happy to be able to scroll through them all in my IPhoto.  Yes!  And, the behind-the-scenes pics are Lovely as well.  I So crave/desire to make a book.  We’ll see!…

Here’s something that’s ‘hitting home’ as I see it somehow ‘wrapping’ up…


– Don’t be intimidated by stardom.

– Don’t be scared people are going to think you’re ideas are a bit “left-field”.

– Go for the full monty.  You’re doing it anyway.  DO IT!  Go all the way with it.  You know you want to.

– If you’re going to ask someone to do something awkward, don’t hesitate!  Don’t ask them to do it half-way!  It’s a waste of ‘everyone’s time…(in essence)…

– I tend to do things 110% intuitively, & yet have very clear visions in my head.  Be 110% with the vision as well.  Don’t compromise (except when it’s better!)/ when things change…

If you know somewhere that you need to postpone the idea for more money, for a different setting, for more people, for another day…Do It!  (This is not the same principle for when the train you thought was taking you to Paris took you to Milan, in which ’cause – roll with it Baby!  roll with it!)  This is all good too!  Circumstances happen on the day/in the moment that NO ONE could have rolled together, & that is So the beauty.  There is a Lot of the unexpected in the process, & in these shots!  (& this Is what I Love!)…

Stop the shot in mid-sentence if you’re feeling rushed…if it’s all happening before you’re eyes…Yes, you can do this!  Breathe.  Ask yourself – Is this the Shot?

*This is my own personal “progress report”.  For – it is my desire to Delve in Completely!  And, when you’re asking people to stand on their head – esp. when that person may be Brad Pitt, sometimes you MAY, unknowingly at the time, find yourself dancing around the question?!  but – if you want him to wear plaid, by all means – ASK HIM!  (there is no harm done here!)…

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