This is my nephew, Kasper.  Many, many a picture of him look like this!  I love it!  I just got this image of more of us doing this…wouldn’t it help if  instead of people always trying to look “so good”, we just, on random occasions at least?! wore bunny suits or spiderman suits?!  I think it would be hilarious.  And, I’m not talking “Burning Man” style here.  I’m not talking drugs.  I’m not even talking “weird”…Just a pair of under-roos sometimes to mix it up?!  It might make our interactions feel all a little lighter, in general?!  It might shift the persepective, & help us remember a bit more what it’s “all about”?!  Just imagaine the postman dressed as Big Bird (ok – I know some of you will be scared!).  Just imagine your top exec as Mr. Rogers.  (is it just me?  It seems this would change the mood a bit from “another Tuesday” to – “wow…Thank you for helping me to remember I am Alive!”!)  Anyway…Thank you, Kasper, for being my muse/inspiration today!  😉

Part 2 on this thought:

Pharmacists wear smocks.

Clergymen wear robes.

Businessmen wear suts.

WHY?!  Seriously – Why??

Look – I’m not completely against school uniforms.  I know it can serve an o.k. purpose…But, just on occasion…For example – my dad was a pharmacist for over 30 years.  (closer to 40?) – retired now…If, on occasion, just randomly, once in a blue moon, he had decided to dress up like Snuffaluffagus (sp?)…I cannot express the Joy this would’ve brought me!  (probably not my dad!)  😉

Anyway – my dad redeemed himself & the smock, because he sang big band songs all day long.  In fact, his “claim to fame:  an article in the paper as, the “Singin’ Pharmacist”, aka:  “Singin’ Steve”!  People like this!  He was Just voted “Hometown Hero” for 30 years of community service.  Not only did he sing – he knew everyone’s name, & would give out his home phone number so people could call him to run down to the store to fill out emergency prescriptions, etc.

(is this about Batman ro Singin’ Steve?).  Kasper – looks like the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree!  🙂

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