Pics to come, but here’s a little snipit in the press from our jump with Freshlyground on Signal Hill.

ps – my original vision was witih Zolani (the most Adorrrable lead-singer!) to be jumping in mid-air (visually at least) – between Lion’s Head & Table Mountain.  It turns out it was super foggy that night, & so – it just became another kind of shot!

Just have to say – that’s how this photo/production biz goes, & I don’t have a qualm with that at all!

It just like architecture (design) or travelling.  You’ve gotta roll with it, & that’s what makes the magic!

So – you thought you were going to Sevilla, & ended up in Prague.  That’s what was meant to be, & you would’ve never discovered the XXXX (you tell me?) if it would’ve been perfectly controlled/orchestrated…If the train had come on time.  Who knew you’d find that Moroccon door frame sitting on the side of the road, while scheming about your kitchen redesign, on the way to the park that day?  It’s a little more organic that the straight lines & train schedules sometimes lead you to believe…

All that said, let me introduce, BED JUMP with Freshlyground!

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