Caitlyn Collins.  One of the first people I ever met in Cape Town.  at her mom’s shop:  Organics Alive, Palmer Rd., Muizenberg.  I have to thank Caitlyn so much for hearing about this whole project, & really inspiring me/encouraging me to do it!…That “everyone she knew” here would be into it, & be into participating in some vein!  She helped get me my photographer (the Ms. Inge Prins!), & more!  She came on the first few shoots as “stylist”.

But, all that said, Caitlyn has a whole show of her own going on, & I like it!  She takes used clothing & off-cuts & makes the coolest, cutest, most hip clothing out of them for (primarily) little boys.  I always liked Caitlyn’s style, & even her 4-yr. old boy looked strikingly kiff, in his “skinny jeans” with intential frays & scribbled embroidery.  Please check her out at the Biscuit Mill every other Saturday, & on-line here.

All this said, Caitlyn was one of my fashion designers for the OAK COUTURE project, with “scraps” as the theme.  Here you can take a “behind-the-scenes” peek, with our favortie Inge at the forefront!

Caitlyn – kiss kiss!

ps – yes!  The model has an army truck stuck into her fro!  🙂


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