Last night we took a picture of 2 “big mamas”, if you will…

One was black.

One was white.

They wore nothing but white shower caps, & white gumboots (for all you americans out there – rainboots!)…

We set up a shower in the middle of a field, they stripped down, (with backs to the camera), & showered, & danced, & rubbed each others backs.  It was hysterical & gorgeous to behold!  🙂

Then, the “big, black mama” got her solo appearance (still, back to the camera – but movin’/shakin’ – loving it!)…It was actually freezing!  But, she was letting herself get soaked!  She told me later she wants to do more!

ah – the joy!

Pics are to follow on this one!

Posted by:messymonkeyarts

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