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You’ve seen it here first!:

Kelly Vaagsland Wainwright is a conceptual artist straddling the globe between both Oakland, California & Cape Town, South Africa. She has been putting together a project called PLAY JUMP EAT in Cape Town for almost a year now, that will culminate in an auction of 25 playful, vibrant, more-than-unique photographs involving the likes of “quintessential Cape Townians” jumping on a bed (including, but not limited to: Desmond Tutu in his boardroom, fishermen at Kalk Bay harbor, & 3 maids from the Mt. Nelson Hotel). Here she invites you to partake in this well-known global human right, & jump yourself, on the very same bed! She invites you to come as you are. Lay your burdens down & jump! The bed will be found intermittently throughout the City all week long, waiting for you to find it & jump at your will!

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