I met a woman on the beach the other day.
She was 83.  I honestly thought maybe she was 67…72 at the most…
She was clever!
She brought my daughter a dead fish, & let her poke at the eyes, & look at the gills.  She told me how she likes to surf ski & boogie board.  She inspired me to think I needed to do a “Bed Jump” shot with older women like herself in their swimsuits, jumping on the bed at the St. James pool (this is where they all swim, & it is a CLASSIC Cape Town scene).
She told me that she lived at the top of a certain road.
Two days later I went hunting for her!
Luckily, her maid was outside when I asked if a “Maurice?  or was it Maurine?” lived there.  Yes – Sweet!  I’d found the right house.  I left with Her telling Me, “a million thanks!” for asking her to jump on the bed.
All logistics are being made to sort this one out!  🙂
Between Maurine & Noor (my fisherman), I’m up to my eyeballs in inspiring/amazing people, right here in my hood!

ps – Her inspiringi quote of the day to me was, “Always live where other people vacation.”  You’ve got it going on, Maurine!

Posted by:messymonkeyarts

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