ground hog.

ground hog.

wake up.  wear something uncomfortable.

ride public transit.



Bueller?  Bueller?

Holiday party.


wake up.  wear something uncomfortable.  ride public transit.  cubicle.  cubicle.  Holiday party.  raise…

pay your mortgage.



have a kid.  retire.

go on a cruise.  buy a plot.  die.

(not to say that you won’t be truly remembered, cherished, & aren’t deeply loved here & now despite it all!)…

Simply suggesting, maybe we need a little:

slap across the face with an ice cold rag!?

A plunge into the shocking-cold pool!?

This is life!

We are not “dummies”.  mannequins.  lifeless robots.  desperate housewives.

9-1-1 !!

Again – simply suggesting maybe a little ‘harmless’ mixing it up a bit may help keep things from smelling like mothballs, & may remind us of our pulse;  of our secret, human desires…

The quote on my husband’s recent “late” grandmother’s tombstone:

‘You only live once, but if you work it right, once is enough.’

Just food for thought…

She lived a long, full life.

She was 91, & died with all 4 of her kids at her side.



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