Say one says they hate their job.

Say (God forbid!) one says they ‘hate’ their life…

“shame!”, as they say here in S. Africa, as a term of compassionate empathy…

I understand one can feel shocked & frozen to make radical moves in one’s life, feeling clueless as to how or what or where that would mean at all!…

I was singing in the kitchen the other day with my maid.  She lives in one of the largest townships in Cape Town.  From what I gather, it is Not a pleasant place.  Does she want to be a maid?  I doubt it!  But, she has an amazing attitude.  She has seen people deal with her similar circumstances in very unhealthy & unpleasant ways.  But, Zoleka – she has joy!  She really does.  And, she told me one of the things that helps her the most is singing.  She was singing the song about the “big, fat mama” to my daughter the other day (which she outrightly admits she is!)  😉  She was shaking her hips to boot!  I love her!  And of course I joined in the chorus & the dance myself, as well as to a couple additional gospel tunes!

It’s things like this that move us in the right direction I think.

These are the “happy pills”;  similar one may say, to things like exercise, breathing, prayer, or vitamins…

Tho here I’m talkin’:  Play.  Laughter.  Following your “Bliss”.  Rx.

And that said, it’s not just a ‘prescription’.  It doesn’t just “ease/disguise the pain”.  No – it actually helps things move in the right direction…

So – Shake your hips, big fat mama!

You are my inspiration!

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