My 2-year old is constantly cracking me up in ways that words Cannot describe!

But, let me just say that recently she’s been coming home from playschool busting out some new songs.  One is, “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”  (it just turned November! And, it’s summer in Cape Town, so this is feeling a bit random to me!).  Another is something about:  a flip-floppy hat (where she shakes her head from side-to-side) to “shaking this foot”, & “shaking that foot”.  She is so thrilled by all of it, & let me tell you when she says, “Have a Happy New Year”, she means it! with the biggest, most enormous grin on her face!

Kids have got something going on here.  And, I think this is what I’m always “obsessing” over…I love my new friend Jane’s idea of “car-smashing” and “tv-throwing”.  I do.  A lot!  And, like I said, it really made me ponder for awhile, our differences of her asking people to put on a “badass” suit, & me that of a kid, or possibly a “dork”?!  🙂  Now that I think of it, her version is more that of a teenager.  Mine is more of a 2-yr. old.

That said, they’re all good.  They all have their place.

But, again, now that that “floppy hat” song is in my head, I just can’t help but fantasize of corporates, mailmen, or students in a really boring lecture all of a sudden just busting out and singing this.  It would change the vibe so much!  If they thought about it hard, they’d probably resist (“too dorky”.  “too stupid”, etc.).  But, if they just got up & did it – it’s like a moment of honesty.  It’s admitting for a second:  This social studies class seems pointless & Boring!  I hate wearing this postal uniform in the heat!  I’d like to burn this cubicle!

It’s an elixir, that tho we may have to “keep on keepin’ on” in some cases, it’s just a release.  A fresh perspective of our humanity.

Happy New Year!

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