ok – so there are a group of girls in Cape Town who are about to launch their “team-building” & “fun times for any/everybody” event.  What is it?  allowing people to smash a car!

It’s all sorted.  They get a totalled car, bring it to their warehouse, bust out the sledghammers, you wear your protective gear, & voila!  Live out your fantasies!

I love the largeness of it.  I love the coolness/ “badass” factor.  (‘cuse the french- but how else could you really describe this?).  I love that it is completely opposite in the work I’ve done thus far in that it is Completely masculine (run by 3 girls!).

I think it’s going to be an instant success.  The good news is, they’ve asked me to be a part of it, so yay.  We’ll just see exactly how that actually plays out.

One of the girls and myself have been brainstorming the ins and outs of it all – why we are so passionate about such things!  As I coined the phrase from the Monkey “PERMISSION to PLAY!”, the verbs have since expanded specifically with the car smash…”PERMISSION to GET RECKLESS”, etc.

It recalls my experience in collage when I was pushing my friend Paul in his office chair all around the hallway.  When we came to the stairwell, he simply got out & threw it down!  This blew my mind!

This is what my new friend & I are talking about:  those moments where you allow yourself to be reckless.  I mean – tho these concepts toy with some borderline violent behavior, what harm is really done but a liberated spirit & a giant grin on your face?!

hmm…ponder this, & go throw a pie!  DO IT!  🙂

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