Saul Wainwright, a student of philosophy, politics, & economics.  Could we be more different?  The truth is, we find more & more that there are these strange bridges between our work, & we won’t be surprised at all one day if they end up merging together on a regular basis.  But, for now he is my tree climber.

It all started when I had my first art show.  I needed to frame all of my watercolors.  If you haven’t guessed, I am not a meticulous person.  It fact, my “thing” is exactly the opposite!  I have to say, my frames turned out lekker (s. african word for “very cool”).  They were all found.  I wrapped some of the matte in japanese paper.  They were truly eclectic, & matched that of the art itself.  But, oh, the many times I wanted to throw that matte-cutter out the window!  🙂

The fun was not over when it came time to hang the art.  It took us hours!  We were novice.  But, we survived, both in the installation, & that of our relationship through it!  We now know not to do this again (both together, & in the technical fashion we went about hanging!)!

Regardless, after OAK COUTURE, I needed to get my fabrics out of the trees.  And, all the designers donated their time by putting them in.  Though I did ask, I really hardly expected them to take it all out as well.  So – who lands up helping his wife with her kooky projects again, risking his life in the top of the tree?

Thank you, Saul Wainwright, student of philosophy, politics, & economics.  I publicly declare my massive gratitude!

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One thought on “An Ode to my Husband, the Tree Climber:

  1. Ah…that is so nice. I have always enjoyed your projects (though sometimes I bitch when we are actually hanging or climbing). I look forward to our continued collaborations and future collaborations.

    Go Team K.E.S.

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