I’m continuously fascinated by artists & athletes who are able to completely let go of all inhibition & jump off the edge of cliffs. If you are to surf a 30-foot wave, you better throw all fear to the wind, or you will be eaten up. You have to dive in with all confidence, or you’re toast. And the thrill that comes with it…Ah! Can you imagine? Can you feel it? This is my constant aim/goal.

Everyone’s different, but for me I feel – no matter what you believe, we are given 80+/- some odd years right here right now, on the earth. Take advantage of it! Live it up!

I feel this constant hunger to eat it to the fullest. I promise you I will never surf a 30-foot wave! but I want to immerse myself in the outdoors to the utmost. I want to immerse myself in my passions to the utmost.

I’ve never been one who wants to eat mass amounts of processed foods, hang out in malls, & “party all night”. It simply doesn’t interest me. To me,  being in a kayak under a full moon, Dancing from the core (ie, not worrying about “the steps”), Singing without inhibition, & Eating a freshly picked apple drizzling with sugary sweetness & flavo feels much more satisfying.

Anyway, this post is about life.

About pinching your skin, & remembering to seize the day, even if that means drinking a gorgeous cup of coffee, or taking a 10-hour nap.


Posted by:messymonkeyarts

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