One of my participants from the very first Messy Monkey painting gig said afterwards, “Wow! I realize now that I don’t need acid!”. Truth be told, I’ve never taken drugs – Just things like allergy medicine, because I had allergies (for example). Sometimes I understand ideas like “painting with turkey basters” or “riding tricycles to work” may come off as “hippie” or inspired from sort of LSD trip. But, I promise you, none of the above. I don’t know any Grateful Dead songs, & I shave both my legs & armpits!

Even the “party bus” we were using in San Francisco held an once of hesitation to me when I first heard of it, because I assumed it simply must be a “hippie bus”, and not much more…hosting rave underground parties, with tie-dyed masses (the vision in my head). But, no, a schnazzy german owned & operated this bus, & though it was “veggie-fueled & solar-powered”, this bus had style (& not the kitsch ‘style’ you find on most “party busses”). I.e. – there were no splashes of hot pink and turquoise splattered about. This was a simple-design, which concocted an immense amount of fun for the great majority of those who stepped foot inside it’s retro schoolbus doors.

What’s my point? (not totally sure I have one here!)…just addressing more & more my feeling of the power of aesthetics. My thing with Messy Monkey was always to “wine & dine”, in addition to taking one slightly off the edge of their seats! To really pamper & relish in beauty & EXPERIENCE. To “allow” one play. To “allow” one indulge completely.

So with that, I’ll “Just Say No” to acid, & go jump on a bed!

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