One of my favorite people in the world is Christopher Chalmers. Why? Because he ate apple sandwiches. Big ones, with no hesitation or fear. I went to architecture school with Chris, but barely knew him there. More a friend of a friend. I was lucky enough to be housemates with him for a couple years in Oakland. Many a laugh we had. Chris was a tall dude. He had big feet & big hands. And, he ate the same way. He would make lovely meals. And, they always felt abundant to me (following this same idea of big). You know when people do things different from you – like fold their laundry? Or cut an onion? I loved the largeness with which Chris approached life, including that of his food. If I would dare him to cut up the apple slices & stick it between two pieces of bread as though they were your traditional meat, cheese, pickles, & tomatoes, he would. Big slices. Ha ha. Thanks, Chris. Thanks for living large. Mmm, jam.

Lest I forget to mention here, the sizes with which Chris would cut a pie were monstrous.

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