I just found 2 Stories from some of our early explorations in Messy Monkey Musical Canvas Madness:
(thank you to all of your brilliant, creative minds who participated in this!) 🙂

I find it quite fun!

1 person would begin a story & write for 30 seconds to a minute (while the rest of the group was drawing with lipstick or painting with their feet, building sculptures with marshmallows, or what have you!).  They would then rotate around the different stations.  Therefore, as the next person in the group would add to the marshmallow sculpture, another person would add to the “story-building” station, contributing to it whatever they pleased!  Read below to see the results!

I wrote it just as it was written:

In a Fair & Forested City Known as Ulfshaven, There was a very Bitter Princess & her even unhappier Prince. Over time Princess Elfarran became wrinkled & old & bitter Queen. Until one day when she met her new & exciting King Man.
Sunddenly a Giant Ladybug Leaped & flew upon her King Man’s Left Ear. Soon the Kingman became 2 then 3. The 3 kingmen went into a wardrobe & suddenly appeared in Hawaii. Enjoy the beach. Sun. bikini ladies.
What would happen if I didn’t do all the things I think are so important? And just threw caution to the wind…?

…and Cream Puff sought all over the far earth for her Mr. Right Mirangue (sp?) egg yokes were in abundance, but oh dear, no egg whites, vinegar & sugar, the perfect ingredients for a Life Partner…….sob!!
Lips caress beneath the red hot sweaty thigh of a chicken fresh out of the oven. I really love this stuff he thought, & he groped the love out of his lips. Crazy is how they described his nightmarish struggle for survival among the South African savages, from Cape Town…to Durban, did they really do it? Bluer than blue…I knew she was the light in shining flames, as I walked over tadpoles and quesadillas. Sometimes I like to eat & tell.
So the other day I was walking down the path and I realized my breast was hanging down the handle of the brush I had. “If only I had run my bra over it”, I thought.
Why let Rules hold you from doing what fulfills your true spirit for life and reason. For existing on this tiny planet in a universe of many?

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