somebody asked me today what the Purpose of MMA was today…

or was it – did I have a philosophy? what were my underlying principles?

Let me say that, there is something earth-shattering about the drive behind this; something primal. It’s driven by something extremely intuitive, & I’ve found a few others who have put some of that mystery into nicely articulated words, sentences, blogs, articles, & books!

One such place is: Michele Cassou

The beauty of Michele is that she was an artist since age 5. She created endlessly until she was 18, when she attended a more formal art institution. She feared it would try to infringe upon her spontaneity, so instead she started attending a “free expression” class for children.

To quote her bio, “She spent more than three years at the studio. By painting freely, with children, away from all traditional rules and concepts about art, she soon understood the amazing life-changing potential of creation. She discovered for herself the basic principles of making art:unrestricted choice and spontaneity.”

I believe this transfers beyond art…into a way of life; a mindset. And, I believe this is really what happens at Messy Monkey. It is simple, & yet it is profound.
I’m not making broad statements for each participant. I’m not making guarantees.
I’m saying the ingredients are there to spark the unexpected in all of us!, hence:

“unleash your inner genius!”

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