Yes – I was on Bolinas beach with the majority of my crew, setting up at rapid speed, anticipating the arrival of the bus load at any minute!

I was also waiting on the food, the rest of my supplies, my facilitators, my musician, etc.

It occured to me that my cell phone wasn’t getting reception on the beach.

I walked up the hill, where I was getting a signal, only to find a plethora of voice mails.

I spoke with my musician.  He said I wouldn’t believe it, but he was stuck behind a big rig that was covering the entire road.  He was 2 miles from where he needed to be to meet me.  I asked if there happened to be a big orange bus anywhere near him.  Yes (what a coincidence!) – right in front of him!


The only option was to drive back, around, & over a steep & windy overpass.

Saul and I decided to tell the musician we’d suffice with a boombox.  We also decided we’d take our Subaru & the van we were borrowing for the day, and pick up the participants, the food, the facilitators, & the rest of the equipment in small loads.

I must say, Coop & Diana did an incredible job, for how many minutes??, while not able to get a hold of me??, stuck on the bus with 40 people to guarantee an incredible day!

Everyone started walking.  Around the big-rig.  Keep in mind, this is Hwy. 1.  It’s not a shabby scene.  Here’s where the beauty comes in.  For some, this was one of the highlights of the day.  It was a mellow time for them all to take a stroll together in the beautiful California nature, outside the office!  They have in fact requested that the next time they go out with us, we incorporate a stroll of sorts!

Load by load we got everyone & everything to the site, and truly did have an incredible day.  This was also the team that, by the time they got back to their office in Oakland, were begging Peter (the bus driver) to just go around the block one more time!  (you’ve Gotta love the bus!).

This was a memorable day!

By the way, Peter waited patiently for several hours in the bus, while the big-rig got sorted, and he finally made his way to the rest of us.

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