Here’s what we Really like to offer – All the bells and whistles!

First of all, you get picked up in Teacher With the Bus.  We serve you a tasty breakfast, & surprise you by arriving at a fabulous location – typically a beach, or a park near a beach.

We play our rare & eventful games, which spin you more & more into a state of paint-drunkedness.

From there we wine & dine you with the finest touch of the Ghetto Gourmet.

Let me interrupt here with a taste of the Ghet, from my own personal experience.

I hired them for my friend’s engagement party.  We happened to be house-sitting at a swank residence in the Oakland hills, with a more-than swank garden.  We decided to theme our evening:  breakfast for dinner.  Come wearing your pajamas!  We dined on pillows, at Japanese-esque/low tables to a 4-course killer gourmet breakfast.  We were serenaded by 2 professional opera singers.  And, to boot we happened to have candles & torches lit everywhere amongst the floral delight, interrupted by a full-size trampoline on the “upper” garden terrace, a fire pit on the main level, and a hot tub below.  It was picturesque, colorful, glowing, beyond tantalizing in every way – for each and every sense, and obviously, unforgettable.

As I said – we like to hire them, to get your senses deeper & deeper entrenched into your day of color & fun.  You may think Messy Monkey is about throwing paint.  And, that it is!, but it is also about wining & dining.  Feasting, in every sense of the word.

Let me continue.

We like Paige Green to document your day a la camera, because – take one look at her photographs, & you’ll see why.  We are so lucky to have Paige!

And, as you paint, & as you eat, the Bluebellies will have you on the floor.  This may all sound like a huge promo blog.  But, I sincerely love all these people, think they are the finest, & are why I have hand-picked them, and am raving about them endlessly to give you an event you will not get out of your head!

After all of this feasting, get back on the bus for a round of champagne, and don’t be shy to hit the dance floor.  (which, I have to say – even the most shy aren’t typically shy at this point).

You thought your night was done, but lo and behold, we like to drop you off at a gallery or wine bar to celebrate you and your team’s work (because yes, you have – without really even trying or realizing it), made some fabulous paintings!  We give you the opportunity to title & price them, with more wine & appetizers in hand.

Paige will assemble the photos – we will assemble (from them) a calendar for you to have on your desk for the rest of the year – to tease & tempt you all year long.

And, the paintings are yours – for your conference room, for your lobby, to sell to your clients or a worthy cause.

Come and check us out.  We’d love to take you for a ride.

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