We are thrilled to anounce our second CRE8 at Swarm Gallery in Oakland! This time it will be for the CENTER FOR LATINO POLICY RESEARCH AT UC BERKELY. It just so happens to cooincide with Cesar Chavez Day, & we have some very exciting Latino artists involved! Take a look at the roster!

We will again have a local dj providing us with the beats, as the artists paint. And again, we have enormous food contributions, in the name of Bakesale Betty, Lagunitas Beer, & Cole Coffee to name a few.

Come check this out! CRE8 is not something you want to miss!

8 ARTISTS. 8 CANVASES. 8 MINUTES. Only $20 at the door.

We will do a live auction & a raffle on the paintings immediately after completion!

Please take a look at the photos from our last event:


And, here’s the official invite:


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