Messy Monkey Arts, a creative agency based jointly out of Cape Town and Oakland, California, is working on a fresh installation piece they are calling OAK COUTURE.  They are gathering local creatives together, in the likes of Makeka Designs, architecture firm,  and Jeannette Unite, installation artist,  to “dress” 5 of the big oaks in the Company’s Gardens. Ralma & Prelude Textiles has donated generous quantities of fabric to make this happen.  They will install, or “dress” the trees, if you will on August 8th & 9th, & will keep them “dressed” through Cape Town’s Fashion Week.


a big oak covered in a light, white fabric, & a model standing below it wearing the same.


a big oak covered in a bright red, stretchy fabric, & a model standing below it wearing the same.

OAK COUTURE is a “chapter” in a bigger project Messy Monkey is working on with local commercial photographer Inge Prins, called PLAY JUMP EAT.  Kelly Vaagsland Wainwright, founder of Messy Monkey  Arts, is the visionary of the work, which will encompass up 20+ images, including the likes of:

–  Desmond Tutu jumping on a bed in his boardroom with some children,
–  a large woman from Khayelitsha standing in a barren field in Red Hill, wearing nothing but a shower cap & gumboots standing under a rigged shower
–  a fisherman in the Kalk Bay harbor sitting in a boat full of produce
–  a banquet table for 100 in a field in Noordhoek, all eating a 3-course dessert

They will have an auction on the works in November (exact date & time TBA), all raising funds for the Tertia Kindo Arts Project, a dance school out of Ocean View.  Inge & Kelly then hope to make publications in the form of a book, a calendar, postcards, or all of the above.  They are currently looking for funding to assist with their production & photo costs.  If you are interested in sponsoring, please call Kelly at:  072 856 3346 or e-mail her at:

Messy Monkey Arts is a creative agency delivering a range of fundraisers of the like & other experiential events in a creative vein.  They also consult with marketing, PR, agencies, & events companies.

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