After one of my folk-singing gigs with Ms. Cara Luft, a member of the audience came up & told me it seemed like I really knew how to “express”. He asked me how I did it, or how I might recommend doing it. Hmm! I found this quite sweet, & the first thing that came to me was, “Go buy a coloring book, & paint the “green” leaves “pink”! Along these lines, I think my work focuses on questioning edges & the boundaries. Is it wrong to paint something that is normally green, pink? Is it “wrong” to sing in the shower?, to speak jibberish to your colleague, just to spice things up? I think we all know somewhere that the answer has got to be no! But, I think many find a certain resistance, feeling they’d just be toying a little too far outside of their comfort zones for what feels like a controlled system of existence. Wearing the right clothes. Getting up at the right hour. Sitting the right way. Day in, day out. I am not anti-structure. But, I like to toy with it, to remind it (the grid/system) of our organic nature; that we are actually living beings, that we do in fact have souls that need variety, & with that play, fun, joy, & laughter.

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