I’ve been living in Cape Town, South Africa here and there, on and off again for the past couple years.  This last trip (January to early May, 2008), left me thinking – wow.  what a fertile place!  I met the most incredibly creative people.  Just to name a few:

Dave Duarte of Huddlemind Labs, an exciting venture of it’s own!, also hosting “27 Dinner”, on the 27th of each month, to bring 50 creative business minds to the table – amongst a slew of numerous other things!

Elaine Rumboll of the University of Cape Town Business School – with a degree in fine arts & business, she is bringing an exciting creative cutting edge perspective to the minds of those in business!  *As I googled to find her site, I saw a clip/comment on the search saying, “And Elaineyou are tha bomb!!! Your compassion, intellect and kindness has been” ..yes, whatever they had to say next, I agree!  Elaine’s presence is so clear…  the bomb.  I can’t think of a better way to put it myself!

how ’bout the Design Indaba?  South Africa is filled with incredible minimalistic, colorful design:

Animal Farm:  I really appreciate these folks too.  I went and sought them out, after seeing an article written about them.  They think of cool ideas, & make them happen.  on a large scale.

& last, but not least, the Fairy Godmother:

Her business is to help people live their dreams.  She is often caught wearing fairy wings around town.  I first heard of her, due to an article in the paper.  My mother-in-law suggested I meet her, as we were obvioulsy “on the same page”. Then, when I met Dave Duarte of Huddlemind Labs, he knew he had to introduce me to the her immediately!  We had a lovely meeting of the minds.  She sprinkled some fairy dust on my baby!   She explained to me that she had been very successful in all of her business endevours.  With some of her “success” funds, she ran off to Argentina (I believe it was) for awhile, to explore & do some traveling.  She realized there that, she “was the fairy godmother”!  All of her family & friends thought she was nuts!  But she was serious, And, she’s making it happen!  I just want to quote something from her blog, which describes her philosophy, & reiterates:  I hear ‘ya sister.  Life is short.  Too short not to live our dreams/our passions  & Here it is:

“You have been put on this planet for a purpose and your skills, past experience, character, strengths and weaknesses have been perfectly blended to help you fulfill this purpose – to help you lead your true, authentic life.  The life that is true for you.

When you lead this type of life you bring your special flavour to the world and not only are YOU enriched, but the world and others are enriched by your unique gifts.
Imagine if Nelson Mandela had chosen a vanilla life?  Or Bono or Oprah or Einstein or Churchill or Elvis Presley?  If they had not allowed their crazy, nutty uniqueness and authenticity to shine through, the world would be a very different place.

My flavour is the sparkly magic of a Fairy Godmother and it makes my life delicious.”

Thanks, Fairy Godmother.

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