I was recently thinking about my lovely experience at a very small school in a tiny village in Sweden, literally in the middle of the forest. There were 13 of us attending the school, some canadian, a couple american, a few romanian, & 1 estonian. What a mix! I hope I’m not missing anybody! Anyway, we were only there for a few months, but at one point I remember us getting bored. So, my estonian roommate & I decided to wear all of our clothes to breakfast one day. Everything. Literally. All of our clothes, one on top of the next. This is what I would imagine the corporate world might be refreshed by a little bit more of. Somehow it helped us break up the monotany just a little bit. To this day it cracks me up to think of Kirke sitting there with 15 layers on. I love it! I think it’s beautiful. It’s childlike. It’s free. It’s unpretentious – something I Definitely seek out consciously these days. Do something dorky today. See how it feels! Bring out the inner dork! You may not have to look too hard! 🙂

Posted by:messymonkeyarts

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