We are so proud to announce Cre8 – happening tonight at Swarm Gallery in Oakland.

This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.  My original ideas were (& still are!) Oprah, Bono, Charlize Theron, Desmond Tutu, & a handful of others who are passionate about Africa.  I see it in a high-end gallery in New York.  The paintings sell for several tens of thousands, all to profit a very worthwile cause in Africa.  The owners of the paintings end up with collaborative works done by all of the above.

In the meantime, I’m also all about local!

I approached Svea, owner of Swarm Gallery, to see if she’d be interested in hosting such an event.  We met about 4 years ago at a “women in business” event, when we were both starting our respective businesses.  She gave me the thumb’s up.  Next objective was to find someone to fund!  I knew I wanted to find a local children’s art organization.

I went to my neighbor Deb Levine’s house to pick up some clothes from her girls she was giving my baby.  Conversation brought up my fundrasising idea.  She e-mailed me the next day, encouraging me to use Peralta.  It seemed like the answer came to me!


8 artsits are gathering, with dj Peter Van Tassel, and mc Dan K. Harvest to present some live painting to some live mixing.

Each artist gets a canvas.

Each artist gets an easel.

Each easel has an agenda.

All 8 agendas are:

Paint with your feet.

Paint with a hardhat, with a brush screwed onto the lid.

Paint with turkey basters.

Paint with squeegees.

Paint backwards with your fingers.

Paint with toilet bowl plungers.

Paint with brooms.

Paint with kitchen supplies.

They will do one round collaboratively, & one where they take their canvases with them (so, individually).  We will immediately auction & raffle off their works.

See you there tonight!

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