Scott Courtenay-Smith\'s work in progress

First of all, let me share some of the press we got on it:

The 510 Report

Oakland North

The Oakbook

I can’t explain how fun it was.

We didn’t get a precise head-count, but there were somewhere between 100-150 people there, at Swarm Gallery

DJ Peter Van Tassel, & his rockstar sidekick Tony cranked out the Oaktown beats for us, as all 8 artists delved into their paintings, while MC Dan K. Harvest helped choreograph them around the circle of canvases & paint.  Lagunitas Brewery donated 140 pints of beer.  Deb Levine & her husband Richard Foxall – all the wine & non-alcoholic drinks.  Lanesplitter’s Pizza – 5 party-sized pizzas.  Cole Coffee – a generous 3-gallon trof of coffee.  Bakesale Betty – 200 cookies, Ruby’s Garden – a gorgeous floral arrangement with peacock feather adorning the center, & the list goes on.  Swarm Gallery looked as swank as ever – another night out at a fabulous gallery, until you walked into the back room with the MESS!  Our colorfully splattered dropcloths adorned the columns (avoiding any costly “memories” to the wood!), & a tarp made for a barn roof covered the floor with more of our uniquely splattered dropcloths as that night’s royal “carpet”.

I could not help but dance.

The dj, the MC, the artists, the food & drinks, the ambiance all came together to provide the right concoction for a completely energetic night of live painting, raising $5,700 for Peralta Elementary Schools!

Throw it on our plate – we’re ready for more!

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