Since my whole deal is about taking the bull by the horns & seizing the day!, I thought I’d share some thoughts on this:

I believe that 97+% of my favorite times in life have been outside.

Some of these include:

climbing glaciers,

skiing down,

summiting & camping atop the mountain at 5.5 months prego!,

biking ’round the lake to the winery,

dancing on boats,

water-skiing endlessly on mid-western lakes!

campfires & smores,

surfing in Bolinas!,

beach, beach, beach!

hot-tubbing in the moonlight,

riding tandum bike in Sweden (with 3 of us!).

How can I say enough about all of this?

To me, this is the essence of life.

I can’t wait to add to it.

Kayaking, hiking, biking.

This is tasting the salt of life.

This is drinking in it’s sunshine.

Basking in it’s moonlight.

mmm, bon appetit!

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