I thought I’d begin with a small description of:
The Very First Messy Monkey Event.
The only rule was that there were (essentially) no rules.
The intent was to:  Think Outside the Box,
to use unconventional means to experiment with “art”
to use large brooms & other wide utensils to stray from any detail or pre-meditated outcomes.
It looked something like this:
a dance studio turned “canvas” (via layers of plastic, duct tape, & paper respectively)
peanut butter on Wonder Bread Canvases, ending in the hair, as 3-D sculptures on the walls, & squished between the toes…
$500 of supplies, via brooms, balls, paint, paper, windshield squeegees, noodles, marshmallows, etc. ending in a colorful, sculptural truckload to the dump!
17 willing/lovely participants, some leaving in a state of ecstatic bliss, & other in a state of deep philosophical thought behind their place “in the sandbox”
This was the initial concoction:
A lovely, haphazard plunge into the unknown outcomes of what has now become:  MESSY MONKEY ARTS

Rest assured, as exceptional & unforgettable an experience this was, we decided to take the same energy, & package it in a slightly more eco-friendly & ‘constuctive’ way to ‘get messy’ with the corporate world.

And, there you have it!
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