our team:

about the artist:

Kelly VaagslandKelly Vaagsland Wainwright is a conceptual artist & creative consultant living & working jointly in the San Francisco,  Bay Area and Cape Town, South Africa.   She got her Bachelor's of Interior Architecture from the University of Oregon in 2000.  Upon graduation, she stumbled into a painting career.  Now, she combines her tandum knowledge & experience of both her art & architecture sense into her works, creating spacial, tactile, sensory extravaganzas of color & experienctial events of all kinds.  Her work often involves combing ideas of public installation & “flash mobs”, as she likes to use public space with “everyday” people as her mediums.   As a true modern artist & visionary, her work ranges from paintings to interactive installations to events of an unprecedented kind.  But, no matter what the case or subject, it is always fresh, unique, inspiring, colorful, & memorable.  See full BIO here. 

about the photographers: 

Inge PrinsInge Prins studied fine art at Rhodes University, majoring in photography. She graduated with a distinction in 2000. Inge now works as a commercial photographer, based out of Cape Town, and works both there and internationally. Her personal work has been exhibited annually, in South Africa and abroad. 

“I see photography in my life as an all-consuming passion. The medium feeds my artistic soul and stimulates my scientific mind. What I love most about my work as a photographer is the fantastic places I get to see and work in. The different people I get to meet inspire me. No shoot is ever the same. It’s a constant challenge to learn and improve as a photographer – I will never bore of it.

Charley Pollard has just turned 36 and has a feeling that this is where it all begins! She has 3 children who seem to take up all her time, which she loves! She’s discovered the joy of surfing. She is just about to take over The Potter’s shop in Kalk Bay, which is a huge step and an exciting new adventure for her.

She studied photography at Peninsula Tech, coming first in her class. She has worked as a professional since 1998, photographed everything from weddings to celebrity rugby players, oil rigs to caviar cocktails, fashion shoots with supermodels and ones with babies and animals too! She has had clients of all sorts. Mainly she just likes taking pictures. Give her a camera, just don’t let her run out of memory!

Antonia Steyn Antonia Steyn is a Cape Town photographer with a portfolio that incorporates commercial and art photography. She was raised in the rural environs of the Orange Free State and moved to Cape Town in 1996.

In 2000 Antonia graduated from the University of Cape Town, BA(Hons), on the Dean's merit list and began working to establish herself in photography. In 2005 she became a full time professional photographer and in 2007 was awarded Media 24 Photographer of the Year for her work with Pieter Dirk Uys. In 2008 her shoot with Eugene Terre Blanche won her an ABSA L'Atelier Merit Award.