the project:

the PLAY JUMP EAT! team has photographed 32 images, that are part of 2 different "chapters" if you will.

A little snipit from their mission re: one of the chapters called bed jump! follows:

Throw all caution to the wind & Jump, Cape Town!

Jump for JOY!

The Bed represents:


A common thread of Humanity.

Whether in Manhattan or the Kalahari, we were all born Humans. Babies. Kids who like to Play.

We are all now Actors, Polititians, Mothers, Fishermen, Surfers, Tourists, & Supermodels – all coming in different shapes & sizes, colors & hues, with different voices and stories for the world.

Nevertheless, we are all still Humans, &

Kids who like to Play.

So Come to the bed & Jump, Cape Town!

Jump for Joy!

bed jump!:

they photographed people from all walks of life jumping on the same bed, all in their own contexts. These shots include:

  • 3 maids from the Mt. Nelson Hotel, on the Hotel grounds,
  • 2 fishermen at the Kalk Bay Harbor,
  • Desmond Tutu in his boardroom with some children from the dance school,
  • Freshlyground atop Signal Hill, asian tourists with Table Mtn. in the background,
  • Zimbabwean bead-workers in front of Constantia Village,
  • 83-yr. old ladies in their swim costumes in front of the St. James pool,
  • a little boy in his muslim gown in mid-air in the Bo Kapp, &
  • 2 surfers at sunrise on Muizenberg beach.
  • Asian tourists, cameras in hand, jumping in front of Table Mountain
  • cape couture:

    oak couture:

    they organized 5 different "creatives" to dress 5 big oak trees in Company's Gardens, each dressed in 30 meters of fabric donated by Prelude Textiles. The next day 5 local fashion designers came in to dress 5 professional models wearing the same fabrics standing in front of the trees. Below see all the participants involved:

    Tree Dressers
    Fashion Designers
    Make-up Artists
    Mekeka Designs Stiaan Louw Annette Van Staden Raphael
    Jeannette Unite Marize Malan
    Claire Homewood
    Talia Barak Camilla Van Blerk
    Liezl Odendaal Moira Meyer Annette Van Staden Zandile Benya
    Miss Texas 1977 Jane Nathaline Arendse Ole
    Marc Nicolson Caitlyn Collins Meike Lutzow Ndumi Matiwane

    fish couture:

    a boat in Kalk Bay Harbor filled with carrots & cabbage, with a local fisherman sitting in it with a blank face

    flesh couture:

    a "fleshly" black woman & a "fleshly" white woman showering in the middle of a field in Red Hill wearing nothing but a white shower cap (each), & white gumboots

    birdie couture:

    another collaboration (similar to Oak Couture), involved Porky Hefer's famous "nest" & Doreen Southwood's fashion sense

    shack couture:

    Shine Shine's Obama fabric wrapped around a shack in Khayelitsha

    sheep couture:

    the model (also costume designer) was given a giant bag full of "Stuart the sheep's" freshly shorn raw wool (uncleaned!). She made herself 2 dresses out of it, & was photographed back in Stuart's pasture, with Stuart himself on her leash

    corp. couture:

    the head of digital at Old Mutual, a professor of business at the UCT GSB, & a very fashionable woman in the tech. industry jumped on board with the PLAY JUMP EAT team to ride tricycles across the busy intersection at Long & Wale Sts.