center for latino policy research

March 31, 2009 at
Swarm Gallery, Oakland, CA

“I had the best time creating art "messsy monkey" style. No expectations, no reservations, just plain fun artistic collaboration between artists and friends. Learned some creative and colorful unexpected painting techniques. This experience not only helped rejuvenate my passion for painting it also opened my eyes to how wonderful it is to work as a team. A collaborative effort with tangible results that will help fund the CLPR at UC Berkeley.

Painting with a plunger and toilet brush are my new favs! Not to mention the wonderful staff that organized everything (including the cleanup). Forever grateful for the CRE8 experience.”
  - Maria Sanchez, CRE8 Artist

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Salomon Huerta
Maceo Montoya
Ellen Fernandez-Sacco
Maria Sanchez
Sally Rodriguez
Gabriela Nunez
Calixto Robles
Martha Rodriquez


Bakesale Betty
Lagunitas Brewery
Cole Coffee
Marks Paint
Barbara Llewellyn Catering
Kelly Moore Paint
Cocina Poblana
Trader Joe's
Artist and Craftsman


Michael "Coop" Cooper from Messy Monkey Arts