8 artists, 8 canvases, 8 minutes.  Live Painting at a Gallery Venue with dj, drinks, & food to boot, ending with a Live Auction, raising money in a creative, successful, unique, & fun way.

"I am a HUGE fan!  Kelly & her Cre8 team blew our minds, far exceededing our expectations with the most innovative fundraising event I've ever been a part of.  Our attendees raved about the event and we can't wait for the next one!"
  - Betsy Merzenich, Peralta Elementary School Parent

"CRE8, a fantastic, fun and innovative way to raise funds---the most fun I've ever had at a fundraising event. Messy Monkey Arts was fabulous in the creation of a memorable event to commemorate our 20 years. Everyone keeps asking when are we having the next one...?!! Thank you Messy Monkey Arts and CRE8!"
   - Ruth Patino, Center for Latino Policy Research, UC Berkeley

Cre{eight} was CREATED by Kelly as her desire to take the heart of what was happening in her corporate team-building outings into the fundraising arena.  Her original idea was to take MUSICAL CANVASES, the main exercise in her original Messy Monkey curriculum, & have some professional artists &/or celebrities do it live at a gallery, & for all the work to be immediately auctioned off. 

The exercise involves each artist going to an easel with a different tool at it.  At Cre8, 8 unconventional tools are used to paint with, such as:  squeegees, turkey basters, toilet bowl plungers, & brooms.  When the dj starts playing, each artist gets 1 minute to paint.  When the minute is done, they rotate to the next canvas.  Since there are 8 artists, they paint for 8 minutes on 8 canvases.  The first round is done collaboratively, as the canvases stay as the artists move.  These are raffled off immediately.  On the next round, the artists carry their paintings with them, station to station, & create their own individual works of art.  This time, the paintings are sold in a live auction immediately on completion.

As Kelly likes to think big, her original thoughts were to pull in celebrities in the vein of:
Oprah, Bono, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Charlize Theron, & Desmond Tutu – all people who believed in South Africa, as her agenda was to originally find a cause there worthy of this kind of charity event.  She saw the event happening in a swanky gallery in NY, with all observers thoroughly feasting on the intriguing & original event, with wine in hand.  The buyers would walk away with paintings done collectively by all of the above.

As Kelly would still LOVE to arrange something like this, she also decided to just get the ball rolling by starting locally!  So – she went to Swarm Gallery in Oakland, CA, & asked owner Svea Vizzone if she was intersted in hosting such an event.
With the thumb's up there, she went searching for a non-profit to raise money for. 
Her neighbor Deb Levine very enthusiastically encouraged her to involve her children's school, Peralta Elementary, as their arts program was in need of some funds.  Kelly thought this was a great fit, & went on from there to find local, accomplished artists, a plethora of local sponsors, a hip, fresh, young mc, & dj, all to help make the magic.

The Peralta event was a huge success.  Much thanks to Paul Kagiwada for the gorgeous graphics he made for this, & continues to let us use!  And, on that note, we are so excited to CRE8 more CRE8s!