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Also featured on E-TV,, front page of The Argus Tonight Section.
Look out for features in South African Oprah Magazine (July, 2010) and in California's Oakland Local.


past clients:

"My day with Messy Monkey Arts was by far one of the most fun days I have ever had. To be creative, spontaneous, & silly with my colleagues in a beautiful setting provided a well-needed break from the day-to-day grind. I can't recommend a day with Messy Monkey more!"
  - Jeanne S., Global Business Network

"What a great idea! A unique, fun, & coold experience for all ages & seriousness levels...You have a wonderful service that no one can rival."
  - Alex A., Google

"Thanks to the Messy Monkey team again and again! We really had a chance to let down and enjoy each other. It was so refreshing to witness everyone's different talents through the hilarious exercises you gave us and cool too realize how easy it is to be collaborative when you're having FUN! Can't wait for the next opportunity for an offsite!!"
  - Brittany C., Widgetbox

"Messy monkey delivers! With their mad capped concepts and creativity inspiring games, they got my client's team mobilized for fun in no time flat!"
   - Jud Y., Executive Director, Inspire My Event

“Messy Monkey Arts rocks!  Our team had a fabulous day!  Every time we thought the best thing had happened, we turned around and there was another awesome activity.  Everyone came out of the day inspired.  We now have a game plan for moving forward with our ground breaking work in public health and technology.” 
  - Deb Levine, Executive Director, ISIS Inc. 


"Designed by MM to bring artists and the public together for a common cause, CRE8 is a unique and interactive model for fund raising. The events, which involve live painting, live auction and live music, also happen to be outrageously fun and entertaining. We've hosted two events so far at Swarm Gallery (Oakland, CA), which proved to be crowd-pleasing for all who attended and participated and pocket-pleasing for the recipient organization. I highly recommend this platform for all community projects, big or small."
  - Svea Lin Vizzone, Director, Swarm Gallery

"I am a HUGE fan!  Kelly & her Cre8 team blew our minds, far exceededing our expectations with the most innovative fundraising event I've ever been a part of.  Our attendees raved about the event and we can't wait for the next one!"
  - Betsy Merzenich, Parent, Peralta Elementary School

"I had the best time creating art "messy monkey" style. No expectations, no reservations, just plain fun artistic collaboration between artists and friends. Learned some creative and colorful unexpected painting techniques. This experience not only helped rejuvenate my passion for painting it also opened my eyes to how wonderful it is to work as a team. A collaborative effort with tangible results that will help fund the CLPR at UC Berkeley. Painting with a plunger and toilet brush are my new favs! Not to mention the wonderful staff that organized everything (including the cleanup). Forever grateful for the CRE8 experience.
   - Maria Sanchez, Artist at CRE8

"CRE8, a fantastic, fun and innovative way to raise funds---the most fun I've ever had at a fundraising event. Messy Monkey Arts was fabulous in the creation of a memorable event to commemorate our 20 years. Everyone keeps asking when are we having the next one...?!! Thank you Messy Monkey Arts and CRE8!"
   - Ruth Patino, Center for Latino Policy Research, UC Berkeley

"Koodos to Messy Monkey Arts. What a great way to raise funds... I would almost think the Funds will be overshadowed by the fun, excitement and creativity that this would generate. I am sure the kids must have really enjoyed watching this and I imagine they pulled out the paints and crafts when they got home. Keep up the great work."
   - Mark South, from comment on The 510 Report article.

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"What a great idea. It's nice to know that businesses like Messy Monkey are lokking out for supporting the creative development of our children. Many thanks to Messy Monkey Arts and all who were involved in making this fundraiser a success."
   - Claudia Meuller, from comment on The 510 Report article.

party in a box:

"I loved the Messy Monkey party in a box! It was a fun bonding experience and I was left feeling creatively inspired and more playful and adventurous"
   – Dave Duarte, Co-Founder, Huddlemind Labs

"party in a box was so great which made it so fun and I would definitely do it again. "
   – Dylan Troderman, 14 yrs. young

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