kelly's bio:

Though a California native, Kelly Vaagsland Wainwright actually grew up quite innocently immersed in the culture of small town, mid-western life; biking around barefoot & helmetless, waterskiing in the local lake, & performing “pom-pom” routines at local Friday night football games.

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She has since jumped out of her small town extensively travelling the globe, calling "home" to such places as: Holsbybrunn Sweden, Bozeman Montana, Eugene Oregon, Copenhagen Denmark, Amsterdam the Netherlands, Boulder Colorado, Cape Town South Africa, & Oakland California.

Amidst these journeys, she stumbled upon the realization that she was in fact an artist. Getting her Bachelor's of Interior Architecture degree at the University of Oregon was a place of major epiphany. She found herself immersed in creativity, & in a kind of “outside the box” thinking she had not quite experienced before, but one she found herself very much at home with. She thrived in this space.

Upon graduation, she knew she wouldn't last long in an office environment, & knew she needed to apply these creative & outside-the-box ideas somewhere else somehow. Long story short, she quit her short-term office gig to find herself on a folk-singing tour (with Cara Luft!), & back again, this time in front of her office, selling apples for a local orchard (Rainbow Orchards!, Camino, CA!). While there, a simple request of her to paint some “apple signs”, evolved into an unexpected painting career, as her “signs” began to gain attention from the crowds. She started painting & selling her works more & more. For more on this, take a peek here!

Eventually she considered teaching art as well, but only in her style – aka, completely outside the lines. Her "outside the box" approach (aka, painting with brooms & turkey basters) struck attention in the corporate world as well. She began a streak of team-building events, which led into her CRE8 fundraisers, which eventually all led to her in a landslide of creativity that simply can't be labeled or described as just one thing.

Her latest project has been taking the concepts & visions in her head into the form of photographs with 4 professional photographers from Cape Town, South Africa. She has been the conceptualist, producer, & art director on the entire thing, & frankly is loving it. Please check out the results of her love and labor at: PlayJumpEat! (& more details on the PlayJumpEat section here).