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Messy Monkey is like a splash in the pool, a chinese fire drill, or perhaps (for some?) a good shot of whiskey!

What a great idea! A unique, fun, & cool experience for all ages & seriousness levels...You have a wonderful service that no one can rival." - Alex A., Google

Experiencial Events * Installation Art * Intriguing Catalysts to Creativity
And sometimes...A beautiful concoction thereof!

play jump eat:

To see the images go to the website

Kelly Wainwright, Messy Monkey Founder, has rallied 4 Cape Town Photographers on board her project PlayJumpEat!, making some very vivid images in her head turn real. They have put together a fresh & intriguing photo series of images shot all over Cape Town, in the likes of: Archbishop Desmond Tutu jumping on a bed, & 5 oak trees in the Company's Gardens covered in fabrics of all different kinds during Cape Town's Fashion Week. They are now selling the images at: PlayJumpEat! giving a percentage of the proceeds to the Tertia Kindo Arts Project, a children's dance school in Ocean View (Cape Town, South Africa). For more on the project go here.

Upcoming Exhibition of Images:

Starting on June 3rd the images will be exhibited at Misael Space on Bree Street in downtown Cape Town until July 15th running through the 2010 World Cup. The opening on June 3rd will start with a walkabout at 6pm and drinks at 7pm.


8 artists. 8 canvases. 8 minutes:

A Fundraising/Painting Extravaganza like none other.

Imagine: a gallery filled with wine & appetizers, like many a fine installation you've been to before. Mix that with a dj playing 8 beats for 8 minutes, while 8 artists move from canvas to canvas, painting with 8 different unconventional tools, be they turkey basters, toilet bowl plungers, or brooms. Impressively, the work turns out full of energy, with enormous amounts of CRE8tivity & color flying around the room. We do both a raffle & a live aution on the collaborative & individual works made.

We offer Cre8 to non-profits looking to raise funds in a more than creative way, and/or to businsses who want to get involved & help sponsor those they are interested in. Artists range from professional artists to celebrities to business CEO's. You decide who's best for you.

party in a box:

a condensed version of the heart of the fun & laughter from our original concepts we used both in our team-building games, & now at our CRE8 events. Ideal for any party or occasion, be it birthdays, bar mitzvahs, weddings, team-buidling adventures, or you name it! This is for Everyone! Aged 10-110. We are now selling them exclusively at our CRE8 events.

commission, consultation & collaboration:

We are brimming with creative visions & ideas. If you are interested in hiring us for an installation, a commercial, a unique fundraising event, or for Uncle Bob's cowboy wedding, we are intrigued. Give us a shout!